Heavenly Winds Inc.
We are an experienced  pv solar dealer located in northwestern Illinois.  We carry top-rated solar panels and inverters.
Heavenly Winds, Inc., is an experienced pv solar dealership located right here in Illinois.  We have helped many of our customers chose the right size solar system to meet their needs. 

Save money by making your home or business more energy efficient.  Reduce your electric bill through the use of a pv solar system.  If you are looking for an experienced solar dealer here in Illinois, please contact us. 

Solar is a great way to reduce your electric bill and create clean energy for many years.  We have used solar for many years and highly recommend it.   Why spend your hard-earned money on utility bills.  If you live in Illinois and are considering purchasing solar panels to create your own electricity, we can help you.  Here at Heavenly Winds, we have over eighteen  years of experience in the renewable energy area.  Solar works well for homes, businesses and farms.

It is possible to reduce those high electric bills.  We can help you make your home or business more energy-efficient and help you lower your electric bill.

There is a way to help offset the cost of installing a solar system here in Illinois through the Illinois Shines Program which provides for the sale of REC's (renewable energy credits).  There is also a 26% Federal tax credit available.  Feel free to contact us here at Heavenly Winds today and learn more about pv solar systems and how they can benefit your home or business.

We are an experienced solar dealership located near Compton, Illinois.  We've helped many of our customers reduce or eliminate their utility bills.
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Solar panels can be installed as a ground-mounted system, or they can be installed on a southern-facing roof.  A solar system has a very long life of 30 - 40 years.  At Heavenly Winds, we invite people to come and visit our energy-efficient home and see actual renewable energy systems installed and working.  We have many satisfied customers who have purchased pv solar systems.  We would be happy to show you how affordable a renewable energy system can be.  We are a licensed, certified solar dealer and can show you several different brands of solar panels - even solar panels made in the U.S.A.